The Ethiopian Coffee Company

Whenever possible we import directly and visit Ethiopia and our suppliers on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for the best quality beans and to showcase the diverse flavours and tastes of what we consider to be some of the greatest coffees in the world. We buy small lots and micro-lots so our green beans are always fresh and the current seasons crop.

The Pursuit of the perfect Roast

Given that we live and breathe coffee you can imagine that we spend time on our roast profiles. It is important to us that our customers should be able to distinguish the different flavours from the different varietals of coffee. For example Harrar will have a completely different roast profile to say Yirgacheffe. We want to give our customers a memorable experience each time they brew.

We roast each of our coffees bi-weekly and to order for larger wholesale quantities - this way our customers will be getting the freshest coffee available.

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